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Preparation Designed for Success: A special Course for the highest possible scores
Hours of Test Cracking Strategies + Hours of Test Proctoring, Analysis
Digital SAT Certified Tutors

Learn Digital SAT with EduShaale's Experts who have already scored 1500+ in the College Board's New Digital Exam Mock!

Digital SAT Resources

Our Digital SAT Materials are designed by DSAT experts to help you achieve your highest possible score.

Digital SAT Mock Tests

Our Digital SAT Adaptive Testing Platform mirrors the Bluebook accurately, offering purely adaptive tests akin to College Board.

Digital SAT Strategies

Score the highest possible using EduShaale's Strategies, which assist you in navigating every twist and turn of the Digital SAT through a teaching approach geared to beat the test!

Score-Boosting Preparation

EduShaale's Digital SAT Curriculum is meticulously designed for easy score enhancement. Our Digital SAT experts has crafted a plan to guarantee a 1500+ score on your Digital SAT.

Higher Success Rate - 1500s

EduShaale achieved impressive global results since administering the inaugural Digital SAT in March 2023, now extending its success to benefit students in the United States.

Digital SAT Live 1-1 Online Program




Unique Features

Experienced Instructor-led Course (including strategy sessions)

Digital SAT Study materials

Assignments after each Session

Detailed study plan customized to your target score and exam date

Classes based on Students Pace and ability

Module-Based Practice Materials

Regular Conceptual Tests

Complimentary session with experts on 'Application & Profile Building'

Digital SAT-certified trainers, trained and experienced Teachers

4 Official College Board Adaptive full-length tests

10 EduShaale’s Digital SAT Adaptive full-length tests

Parent Connect, Progress Tracking Emails, and Course Update Emails

What Sets EduShaale Apart

Targeted SAT prep can help you achieve a 1500+

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Attend interactive One-on-One classes from your home.


Being a student at EduShaale has been an incredible journey that has not only prepared me for the AP exams but has also enriched my overall educational experience. The dedicated instructors at EduShaale provided comprehensive and personalized guidance, ensuring that I grasped complex concepts with ease.

I Scored 5 on Multiple APs Kriti Singh

The well-structured curriculum and rigorous practice tests not only bolstered my confidence but also equipped me with the skills needed to excel in my AP exams. The supportive learning environment fostered at EduShaale empowered me to approach exams with a strategic mindset, resulting in my academic success.

AP CS, AP English - 5/5 Yash Jain

I am grateful for the valuable insights, encouragement, and resources provided by EduShaale, which undoubtedly played a pivotal role in my achievements. I highly recommend EduShaale to any student aspiring to conquer the challenges of AP exams with confidence and competence. I Scored 5 on AP Calculus, AP Physics

AP Calc, AP Phy, AP Stats - 5/5 Raghav S

Score 1500+ on Digital SAT

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