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Prince 7thCPrince 7thC
06:48 28 Oct 23
I'm excited to discuss our experience taking Advanced Placement Test Coaching classes in Bangalore from EduShaale! Thanks to the excellent instruction offered by the committed staff at EduShaale, our son Rohan achieved a score of 5 on his AP Calculus, AP Physics, and AP Statistics exams during the May 2023 attempt.
05:23 28 Oct 23
Every element of their program, from the engaging sample class to the well-organized curriculum, surpassed our expectations. Without a doubt, EduShaale's Best AP Physics Coaching in Bangalore lives up to its name. The routine check-ins made sure my daughter Riya stayed on course and got individualized care when she needed it.
Nitesh KumarNitesh Kumar
09:24 27 Oct 23
EduShaale's Official Digital SAT Prep program exceeded our expectations! As concerned parents, we were anxious about our son Raghav's SAT preparation, but EduShaale's approach was nothing short of exceptional. The Diagnostic Test provided valuable insights, and the Conceptual and Strategy Classes were incredibly effective. The real-time Digital SAT Adaptive Mock Tests were a game-changer, allowing Raghav to track his progress and refine his skills. Thanks to EduShaale, Raghav's score soared by an impressive 290 points – he scored 1560 in the October 2023 attempt. We couldn't be happier with the results! Their Digital SAT Prep is a definite game-changer.
09:08 27 Oct 23
EduShaale truly is the #1 SAT Coaching Online! The personalized 1:1 mentorship from their SAT expert made all the difference in my preparation. The Online Digital SAT Classes were incredibly well-structured, and the guidance I received was invaluable. Thanks to them, I scored a phenomenal 1580, with 790 in both Math and English. I couldn't recommend EduShaale more highly for anyone aiming for top Digital SAT scores!
Krishnanand JhaKrishnanand Jha
09:05 27 Oct 23
EduShaale's Online SAT Exam Preparation For Digital SAT was a game-changer for me! The personalized digital SAT prep they offered was top-notch, and tailored to my strengths and weaknesses. With their expert guidance, I scored a stellar 1570 - 780 in Math and 790 in English. Without a doubt, EduShaale is the best SAT Preparation Institute out there!
Bhupesh SrivastavaBhupesh Srivastava
06:58 27 Oct 23
EduShaale has been an absolute game-changer in my SAT journey! Their digital SAT preparation books are comprehensive and incredibly effective. The combination of SAT practice tests and their SAT online course provided me with the perfect blend of theory and hands-on experience. Thanks to EduShaale, I scored an impressive 1550, and I couldn't be happier with the results! Highly recommend it to anyone serious about acing the SAT!
Shekhar PanchalShekhar Panchal
06:16 27 Oct 23
EduShaale truly exceeded my expectations! Their live SAT classes were incredibly engaging and provided invaluable insights for tackling the SAT exam. The online SAT prep platform was user-friendly and loaded with comprehensive resources. With their expert guidance, I achieved a score of 1520! I highly recommend EduShaale for top-notch SAT exam preparation.
Harsimrat KahlonHarsimrat Kahlon
12:53 09 Oct 23
I'm thrilled to share my incredible SAT journey with EduShaale, which culminated in a remarkable score of 1540! Their updated New Digital SAT Software was a game-changer, allowing for personalized practice and progress tracking. The faculties' specialization in Digital SAT exam preparation equipped me with expert tips, strategies, and invaluable advice, ensuring I was fully prepared for the test. What truly set them apart was the opportunity for one-on-one query sessions, which helped clarify any doubts and boosted my confidence. Thanks to EduShaale, I achieved my dream score and am now one step closer to my college goals!

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EduShaale provides study abroad coaching services to students who wish to pursue higher education in foreign universities. We have a team of experienced and qualified education consultants who assist students in choosing the right course and university based on their academic background, interests, and career goals.

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Learn how you can attend one-on-one or group classes, tailor made to your requirements.
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Free Consultations

Get expert advice on your study abroad journey for free.

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