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Explore the content and learn about our teaching approaches. You may determine your strengths and weaknesses and tailor your studies appropriately.

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Phase 0

Diagnostic Test

– Conduct a thorough diagnostic test to assess current knowledge.
– Identify strengths and weaknesses across subject areas.

Phase 1 (Month 0-3)

Concepts Coverage

– Engage in targeted study sessions led by DSAT Experts.
– Build a strong foundation in essential concepts.
– Regular assessments to monitor progress and understanding.

Phase 2 (Month 4)

Conceptual & Mock Tests

– Implement conceptual tests for reinforcement.
– Introduce mock tests to simulate exam conditions.
– Analyze performance to identify remaining knowledge gaps.

Phase 3 (Month 5)

Exam Day

– Final review of key concepts and test-taking strategies.
– Ensure all materials are prepared for the exam day.
– Stay focused, manage stress, and approach the exam confidently.

Phase 4

– Score 1500+
– More Scholarship Opportunities
– Boost your GPA
– Strengthen your application
– Stand out from the crowd

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Why Join EduShaale for Digital SAT Preparation in India?

Ensure a 1500+ Score

Get expert help for Digital SAT Exam prep with our certified trainers. SAT courses with personalized one-on-one assistance tailored to your schedule.

Certified Digital SAT Tutors

Our instructors are not only Digital SAT subject matter experts but also experienced educators who know how to effectively teach and motivate students.

Interactive Online Classes

Interactive Online Classes which will provide you insights on efficient test-talking strategies.

Personalized Practice

Personalized Practice with 1-on-1 mentorships & regular Doubt-solving sessions.

Get Support in Nearly every Step

Digital SAT

Advanced Placement

Fastest way to reach 1500+ DSAT score

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Ready-to-use platform with adaptive mocks, sectional and diagnostic tests.

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Digital SAT Adaptive Mock Tests

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Personalized Recommendations powered by AI

Our advanced AI identifies and suggests areas for improvement

With real-time insights, learning becomes data-driven

Our analytics platform equips students and parents with instant visibility into their progress

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24/7 Doubt Demolition

Get instant answers to your toughest questions, day or night, with EduShaale's unique doubt-clearing on WhatsApp.

Personalized Path to Success

We analyze your strengths and weaknesses, tailoring the learning journey just for you.

Interactive & Engaging

Ditch the boring lectures! EduShaale's dynamic classes keep you engaged with multimedia resources, polls, and quizzes.

Here's what our students say About Us

Journey Of Our Students

Dhruv Malhotra

I am thrilled to share my outstanding experience with EduShaale's Digital SAT Classes Online. The comprehensive curriculum, engaging instructors, and user-friendly platform made my test preparation seamless and effective. Thanks to their personalized approach, I not only gained a deep understanding of the content but also boosted my confidence. I am delighted to announce that I scored an impressive 1590, a testament to the excellence of EduShaale's online SAT program. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking top-notch preparation for academic success.

Siddharth Patel

EduShaale's Digital SAT Coaching Online surpassed all my expectations! With their exceptional guidance, I achieved a remarkable score of 1570. Their AI-Powered Platform is truly revolutionary—it meticulously tracks my progress, skills, accuracy, and identifies both strengths and weaknesses effortlessly. I am genuinely impressed by the level of detail and personalized attention the platform offers. Thank you, EduShaale, for an outstanding learning experience—I absolutely loved it!

Kabir Khurana

I am incredibly grateful for EduShaale's Digital SAT Coaching Online, which played a pivotal role in my academic success. With their expert guidance, I achieved a remarkable SAT score of 1550, surpassing my expectations. Additionally, their support extended beyond SAT prep, as their excellent 1-1 classes proved instrumental in my success in AP classes. I excelled in both AP Calculus and AP Physics, scoring a perfect 5 in each. The personalized attention and effective teaching methods at EduShaale truly made a difference in my academic journey.

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